Chief Wahoo

What’s up?

Pythonista and hipster coder extraordinaire (that means I write JavaScript as well as SQL), I know my periwinkle blue caravans and can get my groove on from the bottom of the stack to the top.

:cake: :custard: :shaved_ice: :doughnut:

Things I do outside Vim:

  • Run salt commands
  • tmux for my life!
  • Poke around in PostgreSQL databases
  • Profile that last line of code
  • git rebase -i [1]

:pear: :fish_cake: :fried_shrimp: :sushi:

Things I do inside Vim without a browser open:

  • Write beautiful Pyramid apps
  • Do crazy cool stuff with SQLAlchemy
  • Wrap things in @click.command
  • Make data dance with Pandas
  • Hammer out Salt states
  • Automate all the things [2]

:dango: :watermelon: :rice: :herb:

Things I do inside Vim with a browser open:

  • Either {{ x }} or ${y}
  • Prototype unicorns with JSPM and Vue.js
  • Just loads of _.chain and _.reduce (it’s a low dash)
  • Occasionally shuffle about in Django

:beer: :runner: :birthday: :tropical_drink:

Things I do in a browser:

  • Make my Pull Requests real pretty
  • Wait for Chrome to reopen the 40 tabs I had open
  • Hang out on
  • Enthusiastically berate Jenkins, Buildbot, Travis
[1]What was Linus smoking?
[2]Including your pesky front end build process!