Chief Wahoo


Things I've made. They live on GitHub and PyPI.

:construction_site: bmu

Work-in-progress integrating GitHub and BuildBot, taking much inspiration from Homu and making it possible to control Buildbot from comments and labels in PRs.

:rainbow: expr

Create simple visualisations of mathematical operations on small datasets by rendering an expression graph, show your friends or serialise it for later.

:busstop: bade

A small command line utility to allow the user to maintain a simple HTML website and weblog using only plaintext rST for their content, best of all ... it's documented!

Other repos

  • :walking: git-little-picture Introspect your repository by drawing a graph of the tree object behind a commit
  • :coffee: fontawesome-markdown Markdown extension to use FontAwesome icons in a GitHub style
  • :rabbit2: toyrabbit A tiny and very unstable message bus in Python that uses RabbitMQ.
  • :sparkles: py-multihash Python implementation of Multihash, for those future-proof hashes